Warfab Inc. is a direct-hire, heavy industrial contractor with a 40 year history of upgrading and modifying draglines for increased production and availability. Our fully integrated team of industry professionals offers services and support in design, construction, procurement, management, safety, quality, operations and maintenance.



Warfab provides complete maintenance, repair and installation services on a worldwide basis for all markets including power generation repair, coal, oil & gas, petrochemical and pipeline, as well as other industry sectors such as sugar, pulp, water, steel and marine. Our outstanding safety performance, adherence to schedules, pride in workmanship, and superior project results have made us the leader in on site repair for many years. We commit to excellence in all that we do. Our clients look to us to deliver complex projects in challenging locations around the world.

Warfab is recognized for its keen ability to work safely, on time, and within budget. One of the reasons clients choose Warfab is our ability to provide all the necessary services in-house and on site, eliminating the need for multiple consultants. We are changing the way projects are staffed.


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